Texas, Big Bend National Park

So cool, Mexico is on the other shore!  Thea has a new seat belt harness, works great! And can leave windows down without worring about her jumping out.  I would add now to my mantra that there is pros and cons to any situation in life that we have different needs at different times, and different locations meet them to varying degrees.  Big bend is a really long haul to get here,to me it would be best to plan on spending a week at least unless one just wanted to drive around:).  It is beautiful and solitutude can be found outside the campgrounds.  Inside it is very busy.  The hookup sites are on black top and only a few feet away from each other.  In the non hookup part I found a very nice site on the edge with distance from people.  If you want to socialize this is a great place to do it! Showers are two dollors for 5 min and I am opposed to that in principle so I am supplementing at the dump station:) no cell phone but wifi.  It is a great place to walk Thea as they are very strict about dogs being on leashes.  Good place to read and cook, beautiful!

Texas big bend

Wrote jewellann few days back and waited to get to wifi.

Pam hi! U must get notifications two, cool, now I can write and pics for u two, it is good for me to do, I pay better attention. Will come back and catch up on the Florida posts, plan on coming back there late next fall, going to quartzite, Yuma, Edinburg a area after this will for sure take pics! Then lake mead, California, Reno May, Michigan July August, smokey mountains fall, maybe Carolina coast. Then Florida winter. Glad your place is working out, do u plan on headed back out on the road in future?

Hello! I think at times you are the only person in the world who pays any attention to what I am doing, thank you 🙂 I think only you and one other person follow this blog, bless u motivates me to get some pics, write, pay attention to where I am. I was going to tell u, you should start one, even for short trips because it gives dates where we were. WordPress is super easy, if I can use it easily, you would would have no problem! You haven’t been able to find any writing because I haven’t been writing any, just trying to remember  to put in where I am so I can go back and add, just mostly want the date and if my kids needed to find me, they would have a starting point.

Emails or here is fine, without solar and camping I am super limited on battery on phone, use it mostly for weather and researching where to go next.

Did you go to Orlando? How did/are repairs going?

Michigan/home was a total affirmation of living mobile working for me, it reminded me why I started out and I believe it is how we started talking on the forum, I remember you talking about hearing gun shots outside, and I was saying anywhere I can afford to live is usually a big hassle! And it was. Paid 900.00 for a monthly motel and then this couple started fighting next door, like throwing each other into the walls calling each other horrid names, storming out, the whole deal, they were in the honeymoon period about two hours a day then it would start up again.

gotta go write later, hope u have a good day love to the animals:)

Texas, Amstead

Amstead means friendship in Spanish, this is Amstead National Recreation Area, it is ten miles from del rio Texas and is now one of my favorite spots, 4 dollors a night with pass, not over crowded, I have come to appreciate towns that benefit from tourists, that a person feels they are wanted there and del rio does that.  Walmart, Starbucks, two McDonald’s and they are all friendly and nice, no feeling you need to rush to get out of the way :).  No showers though, but lots of water. Tons of border patrol, game wardens, sheriffs, park rangers, got to be one of the safest places in America and people were driving the speed limit and not tail gating, heaven.

Mississippi, Bolixi

This was so funny, I have learned to sit in a Walmart parking lot and watch to get a feel for a new area, it is a great sociological measure of an area.  I had found a very nice campground in Desoto National Forest, Big Biloxi, peaceful, quiet, nice people, seven dollors with pass but all sites had electric and water, showers.  I like to go to town on most days so I wanted to explore the beach area, so I was sitting in Walmart parking lot and saw a phenomena new to me, people on bikes riding up to people unloading their groceries and asking for me money, ingenious, what are the people going to do, they want them out of their space, they have cars open and putting groceries in, they give them the money to get them out of there! I decided to move on after this, most of this is harmless but I need to be non stressed and feeling social to deal with the hustle effectively!  Went back to Padre Island where I learned fall early winter is best, quiet when I was there before, this time black flies and lots of people, still awesome to camp feet away from water, easy to keep everything clean, hard to cook though wind blows non stop but they have really nice visitors center with pavollion u can cook at, great laid back workers:)