Incredible birds shows, night lights, nice people


Texas, Padre Island

2 thoughts on “Texas, Padre Island

  1. Becky, That is an excellent pic of the Padre Island sign. It’s to bad the palm trees didn’t show in it ………….No wait there isn’t a bunch of swaying palm trees on Padre? Where’s Thea?.. Queenie is worn out. She got to run and play with her brother at Bob’s house part of sat. and sun. She has been laying down only getting up for a few pit stops and cat races for over the past 5 hrs.

    I hope you are doing O.K.


    On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 10:59 AM, Woman traveling usa wrote:

    > Rebecca posted: “” >


    • Hey, you are so sweet! We are good, deciding if we should become mermaids! This place is fantastic for living out of vehicle, easy, not crowded, plenty of room for all, 60 miles of beaches! Free if you have access pass and on beach. Four dollors for campsite with access pass. Can stay 58 days in calander year. Weather is 85/70 with a brezze. No internet or cell reception with straight talk though have had to read books and talk to people:). Hope you and queenie are well:)


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