Mississippi, Bolixi

This was so funny, I have learned to sit in a Walmart parking lot and watch to get a feel for a new area, it is a great sociological measure of an area.  I had found a very nice campground in Desoto National Forest, Big Biloxi, peaceful, quiet, nice people, seven dollors with pass but all sites had electric and water, showers.  I like to go to town on most days so I wanted to explore the beach area, so I was sitting in Walmart parking lot and saw a phenomena new to me, people on bikes riding up to people unloading their groceries and asking for me money, ingenious, what are the people going to do, they want them out of their space, they have cars open and putting groceries in, they give them the money to get them out of there! I decided to move on after this, most of this is harmless but I need to be non stressed and feeling social to deal with the hustle effectively!  Went back to Padre Island where I learned fall early winter is best, quiet when I was there before, this time black flies and lots of people, still awesome to camp feet away from water, easy to keep everything clean, hard to cook though wind blows non stop but they have really nice visitors center with pavollion u can cook at, great laid back workers:)


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