Texas, Amstead

Amstead means friendship in Spanish, this is Amstead National Recreation Area, it is ten miles from del rio Texas and is now one of my favorite spots, 4 dollors a night with pass, not over crowded, I have come to appreciate towns that benefit from tourists, that a person feels they are wanted there and del rio does that.  Walmart, Starbucks, two McDonald’s and they are all friendly and nice, no feeling you need to rush to get out of the way :).  No showers though, but lots of water. Tons of border patrol, game wardens, sheriffs, park rangers, got to be one of the safest places in America and people were driving the speed limit and not tail gating, heaven.


2 thoughts on “Texas, Amstead

  1. I guess I’ve figured out how to reply on this site?? For some reason I never can find anything you’ve written on it. So U R in TX? Damn woman you sure get around! I thought you’d still be up north. I think if you want to talk/write me just email me as I have trouble connecting with this site. OK?

    I’m glad to hear from you…I was thinking about you less than a hour ago….really…I was wondering how you are doing and what you have done or will do to your new vehickle for travel. Good to hear from you too!!



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