Texas, Big Bend National Park

So cool, Mexico is on the other shore!  Thea has a new seat belt harness, works great! And can leave windows down without worring about her jumping out.  I would add now to my mantra that there is pros and cons to any situation in life that we have different needs at different times, and different locations meet them to varying degrees.  Big bend is a really long haul to get here,to me it would be best to plan on spending a week at least unless one just wanted to drive around:).  It is beautiful and solitutude can be found outside the campgrounds.  Inside it is very busy.  The hookup sites are on black top and only a few feet away from each other.  In the non hookup part I found a very nice site on the edge with distance from people.  If you want to socialize this is a great place to do it! Showers are two dollors for 5 min and I am opposed to that in principle so I am supplementing at the dump station:) no cell phone but wifi.  It is a great place to walk Thea as they are very strict about dogs being on leashes.  Good place to read and cook, beautiful!

2 thoughts on “Texas, Big Bend National Park

  1. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. You really get around don’t you? I’m dealing with a lot of pain in my back and right hip. Plus I’m in the worst bout of depression I think I’ve ever dealt with. I’m not making much progress on the storage units. If I feel better and the weather straightens up I hope to empty out one by the end of the month. It’s the oldest and has stuff in it i want to keep and use. My internet keeps going off line. Twice this week I’ve called my Tech Support in the Philippines to get back on line. I better go while it’s still on line. Stay Safe i think of you often



    • Life is so not easy sometimes! I am having alot of hip pain too, dealing with lots of ptsd symptoms, which includes depression so i totally get what u are saying:) the only thing i know for sure is it really helps if we can be extra gentle, kind and understanding with ourselves when we are suffering, no time to be a strick, mean, task master to ourselves:). Due to this crap i am the worst at keeping in touch, i go to my rabbit hole when it gets hard, so i hope u will NEVER feel bad about not conntacting:) although i love that u do, we are some troopers! I am seeing more and more single woman out here, many with mental health stuff going on. I like it that i have to get up if i want to make it another day, no laying in front of tv like i can do at home. Going through our belongins is really really hard brings up memories, hopes, fear, hope you be easy on yourself, thanks for checking in! I dont know if u are by big biloxi campground but they have electric and showers for 13 a night with pass i like it there:) love to u and queenie!


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